How Much?

That’s a terrific question! As you might expect, there is no easy answer. does not have a price-fixed menu of services. Each project is a custom solution. If you are concerned about price, please contact us to discuss your needs and budget – we can find a reasonable solution in there somewhere.

Whatever the cost to you, be certain that your new website is built to last. We believe that websites must be built to web standards. This assures that your website will work in future browsers and some of the older browsers. Have you considered the mobile audience as a target for your website. We have! The mobile audience is crucial when you want to reach an audience. We design and build websites that work great on mobile devices. Desktop devices, too! While we build your website to work great in mobile devices we design your site to provide a robust, usable and fun presentation in larger, desktop and laptop web browsers. Here’s the neat thing – we build your site to work in any device right from day-one. And it’s a single, robust website – not a mobile-only version. The way we build your website assures that you can publish content once and have it appear anywhere.

Our design philosophy and building standards assure that it’s easy to further customize the visual presentation of your website in the future. uses modern technology with a reliance on simple ol’ HTML and CSS code. This assures that, whenever you are ready, changing the visual design will not disrupt the presentation of your content. The results of our work makes it certain that your audience will easily find and complete the activities for which they visit your website. In short, we build websites to be easy, efficient and flexible.

We don’t build $500 websites. We do, however, fix $500 websites. While we can’t tell you, “your website will cost x-dollars” without learning more, we are ready to guide you toward the best solution at a reasonable cost. After all, we run a small business, too! We understand budgets, cash flow and the need to prioritize where your money goes.

While our process may not result in the lowest price on your list, you can rest assured that we build what is best for you, your business, your audience, and the future.