Our History

JustPixels has experience with interactive media that goes back to… well, it goes back to platforms that are now EXTINCT! Not that we killed it (that was marketing – always is, right?), but that experience started a wealth of skill and knowledge that is very tough to beat. And we work fast. With four years of exclusive work for America Online, maintaining their daily publishing of online content, we HAVE to be fast.

The experience we bring to your project is so multi-dimensional that it might make your head spin – and we don’t want you to get hurt, so here’s a brief sample of our history:

• More than 20 years in design and development of visual communication

• 17 years creating interactive content

• More than 24 CD-rom titles

• Website development since 1996

• Over 100 different projects for America Online

• Animation – traditional and computer

• Video – and that includes interactive DVD products

• Digital photography

• Live stage productions – yep, even that!

Of course there’s more – isn’t there always!? It’s much more fun to talk about the details than to write or read about them – contact us!